▶ Drone Roof Inspection Tacoma Washington

A-Pro takes Home Inspections to new Heights! With the use of drones, licensed aviator Jon Teabo an expert Home Inspector in Tacoma, WA. Teabo is one of the best home inspectors in the area to use drone technology to inspect roofs. This drone roof inspection technology has many advantages since many roof types should not be walked on or may have too steep of a pitch and can endanger the inspector.  This eliminates those problems and allows the roof inspector to take unlimited up-close pictures as part of the roof inspection process. The drone roof inspection technology can help identify hail damage, wind damage, damage caused by trees, and more. Senior Inspector Teabo states that he uses it mostly for new home-buyers since the roof is a high-cost item that all buyers want to know about.

Top rated roof inspector in Tacoma WA Jon Teabo


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